10.29 perl

go moko gomoko at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 30 07:11:26 PST 2005

--- Dennis J Perkins <dperkins at frii.com> wrote:

> /etc/hosts has localhost lfs
> Running hostname says none, but
> /etc/sysconfig/network isn't set up
> until step 11.10.  

I looked at my installation, but I already had a
/etc/sysconfig/network file when I do that (kept from
my old system).
The boot indicates the command:
'echo " localhost $(hostname)" > /etc/hosts'
and as 'hostname' do not send any result, it could
have broken the file.
I think it's perhaps a CLFS's error, in case of boot
after the first steps.

For your problem, I'm not able to see something like
that in my logs for perl's test. Perhaps was it
because I had /etc/sysconfig/network defined. Can you
try to create this file before Perl and see if the
test suite passes?
G. Moko

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