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Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Apr 14 07:16:02 PDT 2006

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> I'm not trying to bash anyone.  It would be nice to see more things
> discussed on list, though.

I, also, am not trying to bash anyone. The above point is all that I was 
trying to make. If you were offended by any of my words, I'm sorry, but 
whatever tone there was to them came of frustration. I don't have any 
grudge or bad feelings against Jim or any other developer here. You guys 
*are* doing wonderful work over here and there's a lot of great things 
happening, and I'm very interested in what's going on. That's why it's 
frustrating that there's very little discussion on this list.

Look, I really am *not* jumping over anyone here, despite what Jeremy 
has said, or others may have felt. When you honestly consider my 
viewpoint, is it really so invalid? Isn't it possible that I may 
actually have a point and something could be done to improve the use of 
and discussions on this list?


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