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Jeremy Utley jerutley at gmail.com
Fri Apr 14 10:24:28 PDT 2006

On 4/14/06, Dan Nicholson <dbn.lists at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm only an observer here, but I would like to mention that there is
> not any development discussion on this mailing list.  The only way I
> can find information about what is being planned or what the current
> issues are is to read the IRC logs.  (I didn't realize there was as
> much activity in the bugs.  I'll look there as well.)

Every commit message is a discussion of development.  Or, are you
wanting people to come to the list and say "Oh, we're about to upgrade
to glibc 2.4, is that ok?"

The simple fact is, if something needs to get done, we're going to get
it done.  Those here on the list will know what happens via the commit
messages, trac tickets, and so on.  If there's something you do not
understand, you ask.  If you think there's a better way, you make the
suggestion, with an explanation of why you feel it is better, and if
you make your point well, then your idea will end up in the book.

> The request to add a second list for support questions would seem to
> be redundant since that is the main purpose of this list.  To me, it
> would make more sense to add a clfs-book or clfs-commits list since
> receiving all of the commits seems to bother people.  Then again,
> since the development isn't discussed here, that may be a bad idea.

I disagree - support (help in building) needs to be separated from
development (ways to advance the build).  On the new
lists.cross-lfs.org server (which I'm handling for CLFS) there are 3
lists set up:

clfs-support at lists.cross-lfs.org
clfs-dev at lists.cross-lfs.org
clfs-commits at lists.cross-lfs.org

-support is meant for those who are having a problem with building the
book.  -dev is meant for making suggestions to improve the book. 
-commits holds all the commit traffic and trac ticket info - replies
to any messages sent to -commits are directed to -dev (an improvement
I think LFS should consider).

> I'm not trying to bash anyone.  It would be nice to see more things
> discussed on list, though.

The ball is in your court.  Absent someone asking questions, we can
only assume that everyone understands and agrees with what's
happening.  If someone wants to be involved with development of the
book, there are 2 paths to do so:

1.  Follow the commit messages, trac tickets, see what happens, make
suggestions to -dev

2.  Ask Jim & Ryan for commit privledges to the repo, so you can take
changes you work on and apply them directly to the book for others to


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