ATI drivers

Henry christenson exvor0 at
Fri Apr 14 10:33:20 PDT 2006

Ok this question may not be pure CLFS question but im hopeing for some
helpfull input.

After compleating my shiney new CLFS pure 64 system i find out that
the supid driver installer from ATI requires 32bit libraries in order
to compile the kernel module for the 64bit platform. I have no idea
why a 64bit driver would need 32 bit libraries but ati is kinda insane
like that.  Anyway my compiler as far as i can tell will only create
64bit libaries because its set for that.  What im wondering is do i
need to redo everything and build a 32 and 64 bit mixed system or can
i just cross compile the libs for 32 ?


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