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Ken Moffat ken at
Mon Apr 17 17:00:46 PDT 2006

On Fri, Apr 14, 2006 at 11:35:05AM -0700, Jim Gifford wrote:
> All development will now require a trac ticket. No ticket no change.
> The exceptions are. Minor package upgrades, example


 ppc64 is marked on the front-page of the online book as "Totally
broken. Development in progress."  I'm aware of two problems (one
from the the introduction of glibc-2.4), but I'm sure there are
other parts where the book has problems.  Do I need to raise a
separate ticket for each issue, or would it be ok to drop all
ppc64-specific issues into a single ticket ?

 Specifically, at least as of December, the second-stage bootloader
fails to load linux kernels, probably down to a wrong, or missing,
patch for yaboot, but perhaps related to hfsutils or powerpc_utils,
and now the glibc headers will not configure without three extra
echoes into config.cache.

 At the moment, and having earlier been led astray by glibc's
configury and comments on toolchain lists, I do not have an opinion
on whether the book's binutils is adequate for this version of glibc
on ppc64 - all I needed was a 64-bit kernel so I can have some
confidence in starting a ppc32 build on my G5, and that only needed
the first cross-glibc.

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