David Fix g4ta4az02 at
Tue Apr 18 12:13:24 PDT 2006

cross-lfs-bounces at wrote:
> David Fix wrote:
>> You know, I just can't get to that website at all.  I've been trying
>> for the last few days, and no go...  No pings, no nothing...  Any
>> strange firewall rules set up on that machine that would stop me
>> from getting in?  :)  I'm resolving it as
> Wow, that is very strange.  Can you access  I checked
> the server and trac is running fine right sorry, don't know
> what to tell you.  We have a mirror, which has everything
> except a svn
> browser available here:
> My server doesn't have any silly firewall rules
> that would
> block you.  Don't know...
> Justin

Hm...  Just ran a traceroute, and I can't seem to get out of my ISP to that
addy...  Everywhere else is fine, though...  Maybe they've got some filter
or BGP thing on one of their routers.  :)  I'll open a ticket with my
upstream provider and see if they can't figure out why.  :)


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