David Fix g4ta4az02 at
Tue Apr 18 19:11:40 PDT 2006

Justin R. Knierim wrote:
> David Fix wrote:
>> As a follow-up...  It was indeed my ISP blocking it...  :) They said:
>>> We have that IP null routed because someone using that IP was
>>> posting unwanted content to one of our customers web servers.
>>> Are you in any way associated to that domain?
>>> Wondered if we could track back what was happening.
> All I can say is, WOW.  I have had the same server on that IP
> for over a
>   year and I can assure you nothing bad or unwanted has happened on
> there.  Which ISP?  Any way I can contact them and tell them to lift
> there (at least 1 year and 4 month) old block?
> Justin

I'm going to get in contact with them and find out about it, Justin...  I'll
make sure that I have the block removed, since I'm sure it's not your
handywork.  ;)


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