David Fix g4ta4az02 at
Tue Apr 18 19:12:38 PDT 2006

> Odd, that IP is Justin's dedicated server - wonder if the null-route
> comes from a previous user of the IP - maybe you could find out from
> your ISP for how long that block has been in place - if it dates back
> to before Justin had the dedicated server, maybe we could work
> together to help get it unblocked.

Yep, going to get that unblocked for him...  I'll let you all know!  :)

> Glad to hear it - that's my mirror of CLFS - it's a little slow
> because of latency in querying the Postgres database on Justin's
> server, but it's definately useable.

No worries there, as long as I can view it, I'm good!  :)


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