Ken Moffat ken at
Thu Apr 20 08:16:01 PDT 2006

 I'm almost ready to reboot into my shiny new ppc build using
linux-headers (bogged down in strace header issues at the moment,
but those and any other blfs problems can go on ticket #24).  Once
I've booted the new system [ could be hours, or days, away :-( ] I
plan to make the following changes unless somebody beats me to it,
to fix "consequential damage" from moving away from
linux-libc-headers (I assume this doesn't need a ticket ?)

(i.) Copy asm-generic, as already noted.  (for ALL arches)

(ii.) On ppc, the kernel has moved the ppc64 headers to powerpc, and
has merged ppc into this.  I'm not quite sure what asm-ppc is now
for, but it certainly doesn't contain enough headers to build glibc!
Certainly, ppc seems to build happily against the sanitized

(iii.) The one problem in ppc is with powerpc-utils - the two parts
of this that we care about fail because asm/nvram.h no longer
exists.  In llch that file was only a comment about PReP compliant
nvram access, so the best approach is probably to drop the includes
 sed -i '/#include <asm\/nvram.h>/d' nvsetenv.c nvsetvol.c
which certainly builds but hasn't been tested yet (hence, I'm
waiting to boot).

 I think the asm-powerpc headers might remove the need for extra
processing to create multilib ppc64 headers, (and therefore the code
for multilib in the headers script might be redundant) but I'm not
close to looking at that.

das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce

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