compiling xorg 7.0.0 on multilib

michi_w2001 at michi_w2001 at
Sun Apr 23 16:05:48 PDT 2006

>  Do you have in ${XROOT}/lib64/modules ?
> If not, perhaps you have it in lib ?  I'm not up to speed with
> modular Xorg, at the moment I'm on 6.9 which uses host.def to
> specify where things go, but perhaps pass --libdir to configure.
>  As to the rest of it, if it still segfaults when it can find the
> radeon driver, I suspect a compiler error (based on my experience
> with ppc).  But, building the latest 4.1 gcc snapshot and using
> that to rebuild the multitude of packages in modular X is not
> something to lightly suggest :-(

The file is there and, just to make sure, I installed a 32-bit version 
in {...}/lib/{...} aswell but I still have the same problem.



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