question on gcc in CLFS 2.0

dperkins at dperkins at
Sat Aug 19 07:45:23 PDT 2006

I was comparing the 2.0 version with the Current Development book, and I
was wondering why STARTFILE_PREFIX_SPEC is not needed anymore?  I'm
guessing that it might have something to do with glibc's using
--prefix=/usr and

echo "install_root=${CLFS}" > configparms

I've been experimenting with CLFS's cross comiler build in order to
understand the process and why things are done a certain way.  I've had
numerous failures  by leaving things out, but I've learned a lot along the
way.  I've been using --with-sysroot to build the toolchain and I've
finally reached the point where the second stage gcc complains about
crti.o, which I think STARTFILE_PREFIX_SPEC will fix.

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