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M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Aug 22 10:42:39 PDT 2006

El Martes, 22 de Agosto de 2006 06:13, Bruce Dubbs escribió:

> He and Ryan are proposing the Open Publication License,
> http://www.opencontent.org/openpub, for all the books.  I've looked at
> it and it seems to meet the standards of having a recognized license and
> protecting the books.  If it is the community's decision, I have no
> problem with using this in BLFS.  

OPL looks fine to me for the textual part of the books.

But as you said below, the code (both the code embedded into the books, the 
XSL code, extra scripts inside the SVN trees used to process the book 
sources, bootscripts, Udev rules, etc) should use a different license. IMHO a 
BSD-based one could be the best.

About jhalfs, it uses GPL from the beginning and I would to change it to the 
same decided for book's code, If that can be done and don't will cause 
conflicts with the included menu and lxdialog files that are under GPL.

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