LFS and LVM?

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at ums.usu.ru
Mon Aug 28 09:35:23 PDT 2006

John Gay wrote:
> I asked this before, but LVM seems to have come a long way since then.
> I've two IDE drives and a SATA drive currently running 32 bit LFS from a 
> previous PIII build. I've played with the CLFS stuff on my Dual Opteron and 
> am getting ready to re-build my box from the ground-up as a pure-64 system.
> I plan to keep / on a CD-sized partition, and put the rest, /usr, /var, /home 
> and whatever, on LVM managed drive space for easier management.
> Would it be better to cross-compile LVM into /bin or /sbin so I can mount the 
> LVM-managed partitions when I re-boot into the build system, or build the 
> normal system, then add LVM, create the new partitions and then move 
> everything after?
I'd add LVM as soon as possible. But by viewpoint may be biased by the 
fact that I have no partitions and use LVM exclusively. This setup does 
require an initramfs.

However, there is a trick to delay the installation of LVM in such 
setup: design this initramfs in such a way that it applies to any kernel 
version, and boot with it (i.e.: let it mount root). However, you will 
not be able to mount other LVM volumes until you install LVM properly.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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