udevsend: main: error sending message: Connection refused

Gay, John A john.a.gay at intel.com
Fri Feb 3 10:37:01 PST 2006

> I eventually found a post from Kay on the hotplug list, saying that 
> from udev076 the initscript has to start udevd --daemon (this
> used to happen through udevsend).
>  A patch follows which fixes the udev initscript in init.d on a built 
> system, works for me with  I'm open to suggestions/advice on

> how to handle this for the book (probably, the problem will disappear 
> when the new udev stuff goes in ?)  Do we need new bootscripts for the

> short term, or would a patch be better (the problem is only in clfs,
> is still using an older udev) ?

This also caused a problem with my USB Stick. I've manually added this
fix to my box.

I know I'm not subscribed from this address, but I don't want my Work
E-Mail to become my regular account.

Thanks for the tip.


	John Gay

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