udevsend: main: error sending message: Connection refused

John Gay johngay at eircom.net
Sun Feb 5 05:18:19 PST 2006

On Friday 03 February 2006 18:37, Gay, John A wrote:
> > I eventually found a post from Kay on the hotplug list, saying that
> > from udev076 the initscript has to start udevd --daemon (this apparently
> > used to happen through udevsend).
> >
> >  A patch follows which fixes the udev initscript in init.d on a built
> > system, works for me with  I'm open to suggestions/advice on
> >
> > how to handle this for the book (probably, the problem will disappear
> > when the new udev stuff goes in ?)  Do we need new bootscripts for the
> >
> > short term, or would a patch be better (the problem is only in clfs, lfs
> > is still using an older udev) ?
> This also caused a problem with my USB Stick. I've manually added this
> fix to my box.
Well, my work-week is over, so I can have another gander at my box.

I'm running a dual Opteron and I followed the pure-64 path. Adding the patch 
allows the new system to update /dev properly, but now I get many more 
errors, which I think are related to the non-working hotplug, which I see is 
coming out of the book anyway. Just looking for confermation that I'm correct 
in thinking these will go away if I re-build without the hotplug stuff after 
the book is updated. The errors are:
udevd-event[XXXX]: run_program: exec of program '/sbin/udev_run_hotplugd' 
udevd-event[XXXX]: run_program: exec of program '/sbin/udev_run_devd' failed


	John Gay

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