CLFS - MIPS32 suggested errata

Hemant Mohan hemant.mohan at
Tue Feb 7 22:43:48 PST 2006


I have observed the following problem with
Version CLFS-SVN-20060206-MIPS

Chapter 6.12 reads as
------------ <snip>
6.12. Grep-2.5.1a

The Grep package contains programs for searching through files.

Installation depends on: Bash, Binutils, Coreutils, Diffutils, GCC, 
Gettext, Glibc, Make, Sed, and Texinfo

6.12.1. Installation of Grep

This patch updates config.guess and config.sub for MIPS processors.

patch -Np1 -i ../grep-2.5.1a-mips_config_update-1.patch

  Prepare Grep for compilation:

Compile the package:

The meaning of the configure options:


This ensures that the grep program does not get linked against a Perl 
Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE) library that may be present on the 
host but will not be available when building the final system.

--------- <snip>

The configure options are missing here.
Could be something like:
./configure --prefix=/tools --disable-perl-regexp --host=${LFS_HOST}

This may be updated for the next release.


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