Jeremy Utley jerutley at
Mon Feb 13 08:26:28 PST 2006

On 2/12/06, John Gay <johngay at> wrote:
> With the new 2.6.15+ kernels, there's a new mini-config option that might be
> of great use for initial kernels. There's also an allnoconfig and other auto
> options that could use a mention in the book to help simplify kernel
> configuration, which is a very difficult task.
> I tried the mini-config set-up, but the kernel build failed at kernel/pci, so
> it's not fool-proof yet, but it is something to watch out for. Maybe a basic
> mini-config that builds could be suggested for the initial kernel, to get
> people going. Then they can dig deeper into the kernel config at their
> leisure once they have a booting system to start with?
> Just a suggestion.

LFS, and especially CLFS, is for experienced Linux users, and by
definition those type of people should be 100% capable of building
their own kernel.  I personally don't think the book needs any more
hand-holding in this regard.


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