coreutils failing perl?

John Gay johngay at
Tue Feb 21 02:47:16 PST 2006

This isn't a request for assistance, just a comment regarding my progress with 

I got the minimal system booting at ch-7, with lots of hotplug errors, and 
proceded to build ch-10 of the x86-64 Pure 64 book. Everything went fine 
until I got to coreutils, which failed building uname.1 because perl couldn't 

Sure enough this was no where in the paths perl claimed to search. So I tried 
re-building Temporary Perl-5.8.7 again, but it wouldn't build since I'd 
allready adjusted the toolchain and re-built binutils and GCC.

Since I've got the system booting, I'm hoping I can back-out the toolchain 
adjustment, wipe GCC and binutils and backtrack to building Temporary Perl 
again, watching to see where I missed the first time.

One thing I'm wondering, would I be able to use this 20060130 boot system to 
build the newer 20060219 book?


	John Gay

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