Text in fstab page about /dev/shm

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Wed Feb 22 20:22:41 PST 2006

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> As indicated by the email from Greg earlier, we do create /dev/shm as
> a directory during the install process.  However, mounting a tmpfs
> filesystem there to allow POSIX shared memory support is an optional,
> although recommended and default, thing to do.
> There's actually some docs (I believe either glibc or the kernel)
> where it is notated that this mount *should* occur, and in fact,
> nearly every GNU/Linux distribution today does this (I think the one
> exception is Slackware, and while it's a great distro, it's always
> been somewhat of a different beast).
> So, the moral of the story is, while not completely necessary,
> mounting a tmpfs filesystem at /dev/shm is not an absolute
> requirement, but is recommended.
> HTH,
> Jeremy

So, what exactly does this mean in terms of the book's text? If the book 
is going to say that the mount point is "optional" and not used a lot 
then it should also explain why it's used during the LFS build process 

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