Starting again.

John Gay johngay at
Sat Feb 25 20:29:30 PST 2006

Well, after the week at work, and the problems with the previous build, I've 
decided to start again. 
Here's my set-up:

Dual Opteron running LFS-6.0 and KDE Desktop.

Building from CLFS-20060223

Special needs:
nVidia drivers for X.
udev and hotplug for modules and USB devices.

General plan:
Build the minimal-boot system rather than the chroot environment, since I"m 
building from a 32-bit system. I think chroot won't work? Is this correct?

I'm slightly aware of the udev/hotplug issues. I have the different boot 
scripts, just not sure how to integrate them properly in the minimal boot 
system. I still get loads of udev errors on boot. I know the first kernel is 
supposed to be minimal and non-modular, but I can't seem to configure it 
properly for all my needs unless I use make oldconfig with my 
current .config.

Once I get the base system running properly, I plan to add modular, 
nVidia's 64-bit drivers and a full-blown KDE Desktop.

I'll keep it simple for now. The last few builds I've attempted, when I 
re-booted the minimal system to start re-building the base system, I get 
loads of udev errors about hotplug. I know this is a known issue and there 
are different boot scripts. What I don't know is which part of the book, in 
chapter 7 do I change to get udev to work properly. I'll be using 
linux-2.6.16-rc4 as my kernel, since I understand udev doesn't work properly 
with 2.6.14 as listed in the book.

Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication in keeping LFS bleeding 


	John Gay

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