Starting again.

John Gay johngay at
Sun Feb 26 19:20:58 PST 2006

On Sunday 26 February 2006 17:32, Jim Gifford wrote:
Here's the promised update:
> John do the following,
>     Upgrade to your kernel to 2.6.16 release or 2.6.15. If you use
> 2.6.15, you will need to apply this patch.
I used a 2.6.16-rc4 kernel in ch-7, built from the working .config of my 
existing set-up using makeoldconfig, so it's very modular, but does what I 

> Remove hotplug from the build and use udev-085. Then rm -rf
> /etc/udev/rules.d/*.
I followed the 20060223 book upto ch-7.9, where I used udev-085 instead of 
076. A quick read of Makefile showed I need to use CROSS_COMPILE= 
rather than CROSS as the 076 instructions give, so the steps used are:

make CROSS_COMPILE="${LFS_TARGET}-" CC="${CC} ${BUILD64}" LD="${CC} 
${BUILD64}" \
    EXTRAS="extras/firmware extras/run_directory"

make DESTDIR=${LFS} EXTRAS="extras/firmware extras/run_directory" install

and I skipped copying the udev-config-cross-lfs-1.rules, following the steps 
listed below, ensuring to set DESTDIR=$LFS (See, I can learn something (-; )
> Then install the udev package
> make install. If you want the network to automatically start when the
> module is loaded add make install-network.
Then I crossed my fingers, kissed the monitor, and sprinkled penguin dust over 
the box and re-booted with the new kernel and root set to the new partition.

When the box got to populating /dev, if failed to find udevstart, couldn't 
locate the hard drive and halted.

A quick search showed that udevstart had not been installed. So, I started 
ch-7.9 again, watching closely. During the make routine, udevstart is 
compiled, but during make install, it's not installed anywhere? Not knowing 
enough about Makefiles to search, I copied udevstart to $LFS/sbin and 
rebooted again. This time it worked, populating /dev and mounting the new 
root partition fine. But no modules are loaded? This isn't an issue at this 
stage, since I don't need them yet, but I don't know if things will be 
different when I build the real system later.

> If you got any questions just drop me a line.
So, Questions . . .
Why isn't udevstart installed? Did I miss something basic, or is the build 
process slightly broken?

Why aren't any modules loaded? I know I should be looking for them at this 
stage, but I will need them for the real system. Just as a test, I modprobe'd 
e1000 from within the new system and it loaded fine. But plugging in my USB 
stick didn't generate any kernel messages, much less load the usb-storage 
module. Maybe these questions are better left until I build the real system, 
but I'd rather know what to watch for rather than trying to figure out what I 
missed after the fact.

Thanks again for all your help and hard work. Hopfully I can get 64-bit 
running before the Smithsonian starts calling to add my box to their 
collection (-;


	John Gay

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