MIPS multilib cross-compiler build fails

Michael J. Hammel cross-lfs at graphics-muse.org
Wed Jan 4 09:52:54 PST 2006

On Thu, 2005-12-22 at 14:34 -0800, Jim Gifford wrote:
> Just checked around a people are saying it's because of the binutils. 
> What version is in your distro?

Hey Jim.  Hope you had a nice holiday.

I started back into the MIPS Multilib build this week.  Last time I was
getting the following while building the 32bit glibc (ie step 5.8 in the
CFLFS for MIPS Multilib):

../sysdeps/generic/strtol.c:101: error: '__EI___strtol_internal' aliased
to undefined symbol '__GI___strtol_internal'
make[4]: *** [/mnt/lfs/sources/bld/glibc-20051107/stdlib/strtol.os]
Error 1

Your note sounded like I needed a new version of the toolchain for my
host platform.  I was a little afraid of upgrading the binutils and
friends on my FC3 box directly (since they don't appear broke for other,
no cross-platform builds), so I built libcheaders, binutils, gcc and
glibc as per the LFS and stuffed them into a separate directory (/host-
tools).  Then I put /host-tools/bin and /host-tools/sbin in the front of
my path and tried the MIPS Multilib build again.  Same problem shows up.

Since I've rebuilt binutils using the same version of binutils that the
MIPS Multilib CLFS is using, then either I'm not picking these up when I
do the MIPS build or it really isn't my host binutils causing this
problem.  Just adding those directories to the front of my path should
have done it, right?  The online CLFS for MIPS Multilib uses glibc
20051107.  I noticed others on the list were using an earlier version -
200510xx, I think.  Should I try that?  If so, are the instructions
associated with that release (patches, mainly) still available online?
I couldn't find them, though I found the patches directory.

Any other ideas I could try?  FYI - the build is automated using Make
and is in CVS on my colo-server.  It's built a lot like the LFS LiveCD,
though a little cleaner and it builds everything into a filesystem in a
3GB file (easier than dealing with extra disks or unused partitions,
etc).  At the moment, of course, the MIPS build doesn't get past glibc
(the x86 build produces a LiveCD though it still has work to be done and
is not cross compiled for 64bit yet). I don't have anon cvs set up on
that particular project, but I can add it if you'd like to look at it. 

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