MIPS multilib cross-compiler build fails

Michael J. Hammel cross-lfs at graphics-muse.org
Wed Jan 4 15:10:47 PST 2006

On Wed, 2006-01-04 at 14:42 -0800, Jim Gifford wrote:
> So is it possible it's building in the same source as you used in the 
> earlier glibc builds, if so that can cause the error your seeing.

The place the build fails is the first glibc 32bit build:

   @make libchdrs
   @make binutils1
   @make gcc1
   @make glibc - it fails in here, as it builds the 32bit glibc (n32 and
64 have not been built yet).
#  @$(MBHMAKE) gcc1r - rebuild of gcc has not happened yet.

In CLFS parlance, that would be in MIPS Multilib, Section 5.8.

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