2.6.15 Hotplugging/Coldplugging via udev

Jim Gifford lfs at jg555.com
Thu Jan 5 11:41:31 PST 2006

Ken Moffat wrote:

> Jim,
>  thanks for spelling out the details of what needs to be done.  How 
> about putting this all (including the kernel patches) in the CLFS 
> book, with a description of what the kernel patches fix so that people 
> can be sure what they are testing ?
>  For example, I've got a usb memory stick somewhere which obviously 
> needs hotplugging if I connect it after booting, but I'm unclear if 
> any other devices are likely to be affected - is it only usb and 
> firewire in consumer-grade machines ?
>  And, if I don't have any hotpluggable devices on a machine, 
> presumably I can use a vanilla 2.6.15 kernel with the rest of the 
> infrastructure ?
> Ken

    It's not ready for Prime time, I just put it out since a lot of 
people where interested in it, which it looks like it was a big 
mistake!! That's why Ryan and I miss lfs-hackers list.

    The patch is a congolomeration of fixes to drivers, sysfs, and 
uevent updates. Without the sysfs updates the network devices will not 
hotplug properly. Talking with Chris Staub, on his x86, sound seems not 
to work properly.

    I'm getting ready to test on a x86 and MIPS box. I have the changes 
in my build_scripts, which you more than welcome to try.

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