2.6.15 Hotplugging/Coldplugging via udev

Matt Darcy lfs-list at projecthugo.co.uk
Fri Jan 6 01:48:33 PST 2006

Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Thu, 5 Jan 2006, Jim Gifford wrote:
>> Ken,
>>   It's not ready for Prime time, I just put it out since a lot of 
>> people where interested in it, which it looks like it was a big 
>> mistake!! That's why Ryan and I miss lfs-hackers list.
>  me too.
>>   The patch is a congolomeration of fixes to drivers, sysfs, and 
>> uevent updates. Without the sysfs updates the network devices will not 
>> hotplug properly. Talking with Chris Staub, on his x86, sound seems 
>> not to work properly.
>  for the box I was thinking about, I can do without sound, but 
> networking is a different matter.  Guess I'd better get the kernel 
> patches, thanks for the advice, might be a day or two before I can act 
> on it.
> Ken


you may for your own interest want to drag down the latest git kernel 
branch (linus - not alt branch) it has the been running some of the 
already noted bugs in 2.6.15 and is pretty much what will end 
up (bar some x86_64 stuff removal).

I've been running against this scince just before 2.6.15 and the network 
device problem is removed, although I can't confirm the sound device 

Its probably better to test against this as this is %99 what 
will become rather than against the patches (incase they are different).

This of course is not to say don't test against the patches, just 
offering an alternate thought.


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