r1076 - in trunk/BOOK: . final-system/common

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Sat Jan 14 22:46:52 PST 2006

Jim Gifford wrote:
> ken at linuxfromscratch.org wrote:
>>  <screen os="s"><userinput>mv 
>> /usr/bin/{[,basename,cat,chgrp,chmod,chown,cp,dd,df} /bin
>>  mv /usr/bin/{ls,mkdir,mknod,mv,nice,pwd,readlink,rm,rmdir,sync} /bin
>> -mv /usr/bin/{sleep,stty,test,touch,true,uname} /bin
>> +mv /usr/bin/{stty,test,touch,true,uname} /bin
>>  mv /usr/bin/chroot /usr/sbin</userinput></screen>
>>      <para os="t">Some of the scripts in the LFS-Bootscripts package 
>> depend on
> Ken,
>    Why not just merge those 2 sections together. Why do the need to be 
> separate? Just a thought.

I think this was discussed in LFS. Those sections are separate simply 
because the reasons for moving the binaries are different and should be 

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