Cross LFS and UTF-8

Randy McMurchy randy at
Tue Jan 17 15:54:19 PST 2006

Jim Gifford wrote these words on 01/17/06 17:34 CST:

> As the CLFS community we ask your opinion on how we should implement 
> these changes.

The only way you are going to get meaningful answers to this
question is to pose alternatives. There just simply isn't enough
qualified (read: knowledgeable) folks around to give you "these

You need to say, "We don't like LFS' method and we think that by
doing it in one of these ways is better:

1) Some way
2) Another way
3) Even more ways

Then, folks can give you worthwhile opinions. However, if your
question is not how to avoid BDB and Man-DB and what to do in
their place, and instead you're asking should it:

1) be in the book
2) have optional instructions

then disregard my comments and instead, please clarify what you
are asking.


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