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Tue Jan 17 16:35:05 PST 2006

Hello Jim,

Wednesday, January 18, 2006, 1:26:57 AM, you wrote:

JG> Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
>> Jim, this touches on something deeper than that. It's *not* just up to
>> the leader. You have to consider how it affects the other projects, and
>> the community as well. By saying "we don't like how it's done in LFS,
>> we're going to find another way. We don't know how yet, but we will"
>> you're striking a chord of segragation. You're not even attempting to
>> fix the 'problem' at the source. That is where my beef with this lies.
JG> It's not going to affect the other projects at all. But how we can we 
JG> even investigate the alternative build methods without us trying it 
JG> first. Once we get some data, we can put it on the table, but until we 
JG> can get to that point, it's all hearsay. We just started our 
JG> investigations, please give us a chance to finish them.

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If I could say something (as a newbie) i would ask if there is a
way for users like me to have a choise. I know the chanse should be
given to You. But please make the old way available somehow.

That's my opinion from the newbie point of view

Jacek Herold

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