Cross LFS and UTF-8

Matt Darcy lfs-list at
Wed Jan 18 02:47:17 PST 2006

> I'm not trying to put down all of Alex's work, or throw it away, I just
> think that there is probably a better way to handle UTF-8 support then
> forcing every user to have it.

This is a key point to me.

UTF-8 is important as both the mailing lists and IRC show that more 
people would like native language support which is great.

However - personally have no interest in UTF on my system for day to day 
use (although I have run tests for Alex in the past on UTF)

I think its important to give people an option on having utf support or 
now, at the current moment people are wanting utf to be included in the 
book because you can't follow the native book and build UTF (missing 
patches etc) - however why lock in the other people who don't want it by 
making a book that HAS to have UTF included in it.

I really believe this needs to be an option rather than a way of building.


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