Cross LFS and UTF-8

Jim Gifford lfs at
Wed Jan 18 07:24:26 PST 2006

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> I think that Cross-LFS should focus on cross-building and related issues
> only and follow LFS everywhere else. If you don't like the way something
> has been implemented in LFS, then work to get it changed in LFS. If you
> have an alternative solution, and solid reasons for adopting it, I don't
> see why LFS wouldn't consider it.
Cross-LFS is not just about cross-compiling and the issues related to 
cross-compiling. Ryan and I believe that all test suites should be 
enabled (ie autogen test in gcc).

We also feel that we should address all the architecture issues with 
/dev,  so that BLFS doesn't have the burden of handling all the 
different architectures needs. Yes this does mean we do have some bloat, 
but the bloat is worth saving some architecture headaches in BLFS, they 
have enough work already. We are going to burden BLFS enough with the 
multilib stuff, why do they need all the headaches related to /dev. This 
doesn't mean that we are going to force LFS to use our udev rules, but 
maybe they could be considered, once we can get the packages integrated 
into our book.

Another package we are going to have is bootscripts, now they are not 
different than the LFS ones, but they have some differences do to some 
of our architectures support LCD screen utilities. Our feeling here, is 
that the development will happen in LFS, and CLFS will modify the 
existing ones for our needs, but the end product could just be a simple 
patch in the LFS-Bootscripts package. Our main change will be to the 
boot_mesg function.

I also acknowledge we will need to work the UID/GID issue, but that 
still hasn't been fully resolved yet. But we have a plan in place I will 
abide by it when the UID/GID list gets published.

As far as the utf-8 stuff, I think will all have a misunderstanding of 
what the goals are there, is it to support other locales and languages, 
or to support and encoding method. As we had a discussion last night I 
stumbled onto something, now granted it doesn't work for every locale, 
but it raises more questions.

For those who are wondering what I'm talking about and have followed LFS 
and CLFS, you installed the basic locales for the test suites, give this 
a try. LANG=de_DE LC_ALL=de_DE LANGUAGE=de_DE fdisk /dev/hda

I hope this clears up some points, any of the other CLFS devs want to 
speak on this, please do. This has been a very good conversation, I hope 
we can continue to have more of these in the future.

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