Cross LFS and UTF-8

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Wed Jan 18 12:06:51 PST 2006

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> The main valid reason to use UTF-8, IMHO, is compatibility with 
> RedHat. The problem is that LFS already has interoperability problems 
> with the latest RedHat distros: e.g., you just can't share files with 
> them over NFS and have non-ASCII filenames readable on both computers 
> (because RedHat doesn't support anything else than UTF-8 and LFS 
> doesn't support UTF-8). And LSB is (unfortunately) on RedHat's side.
I have searched the LSB website and found no reference to i18n and utf-8 
in the books. But in the bugzilla I did find a few interesting tidbits.

Which one states the LSB isn't ready for utf-8. The other stating the 
Japanese i18n support to be held off till 3.1, but that has happened yet.

So I would like to know where your getting your information so we can 
all be on the same page. I'm not trying to cause problems, I just want 
to research this properly. If anyone else has any information, please 
chime in. We all need to understand the issues.

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