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Jim Gifford lfs at
Thu Jan 19 11:52:27 PST 2006

Here is a response from the Man maintainer on UTF-8

Federico Lucifredi wrote:
> Hello Jim,
>  Man will not be UTF-8 problematic soon - the timeframe is march. So,
> hold on to your horses, we are working on it and ittargeted to be in
> release 1.6d.
>  Hoipe that will solve your problem -- entirely =)
>  -f

Here is a response from the Groff maintainer on UTF-8

Werner LEMBERG wrote:
>> Is the current CVS of groff, utf-8 friendly.
> Yes.  It doesn't have the final form (the preconv preprocessor will
> get folded into soelim) which means that files included with .so
> aren't handled yet automatically, but the interface won't change, this
> is, options `-k' and `-K <enc>' will stay to convert the input file
> encoding to something groff can understand.
> Note that you still need fonts which actually have those Unicode
> characters.
>     Werner
This is also targeted for March. Both also expressed and interest for us 
to assist in testing.

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