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Fri Jan 20 10:34:35 PST 2006

El Viernes, 20 de Enero de 2006 17:34, Jim Gifford escribió:

> Talking to community members in cross-lfs, most of them don't want to be
> forced to use utf-8, because they don't need it. Others want to be able
> to test it, and if they don't like it do a build without it.

No one is forcing to use UTF-8 locales, but trying to fix the bugs that 
prevents to use UTF-8 locales if desired or needed.

> As far as Cross-LFS is concerned with utf-8, I would like to hold off
> until then.

I second that. Don't add the UTF-8 stuff to CLFS until have a well tested and 
working implementation in LFS.

But IMHO UTF-8 support should be considered a basic functionality for LFS 
(like in any other Linux distro), then +1 for have its support as the default 
in the build, allowing the switch to/from traditional locales from/to UTF-8 
locales via run-time configuration files.

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