Network boot hint - possible changes to rc.sysinit

Jim Gifford lfs at
Fri Jan 20 11:23:49 PST 2006

Michael J. Hammel wrote:
> The rc.sysinit on the network boot hints page (for MIPS) didn't work for
> me.  It needed some slight modifications.  This is the updated version
> that seemed to work for me - I don't know if these changes are generally
> appropriate or not, however.  What I changed:
> 1. Moved root remount right after mounting proc, sys.
> 2. Moved udevstart before mounting tmpfs
> 3. removed all the symlinks - these seem to get created by udev (I
> think)
Nope they don't get created, they are a manual process unfortunately.
> 4. Removed setting hwclock (probably just needed for my situation)
> Also, runlevel 2 is the default run level but the rc.2 init script (from
> the hints page) doesn't do anything so it looks like the boot hangs.
> Maybe there should be a default program started, like /bin/bash?  I put
> that in and got a prompt, so at least it looks like the boot completed.
You should be asked to login, but this is dependent on your login. You 
should get a login prompt.

> echo "Starting udev"
> udevstart
> mount -n -t tmpfs tmpfs /dev -o mode=755
If you do this your devices will be created on your netboot /dev instead 
of /tmpfs

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