Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at ums.usu.ru
Fri Jan 20 20:35:34 PST 2006

Jeremy Herbison wrote:

>How about just a "I don't wanna use man-db" hint, with maybe a link and a
>warning on the man-db page.
Short version below. Works in all locales with groff-1.19.2. Not for the 
book, because it blacklists Russian manual pages.

====== cut here ======
You need Man-1.5b and no DB.
Install Man as follows:

Adjust the pager parameters:
sed -i 's at -is@&R at g' configure

Remove duplicate manual path entry:
sed -i 's at MANPATH./usr/man@#&@g' src/man.conf.in

Build Man, disable translated messages:
./configure -confdir /etc +lang none
make install

In the NROFF line in /etc/man.conf, remove the -Tlatin1 switch. This 
will let the nroff program choose between the ascii, latin1, or utf8 
groff devices automatically. It is your responsibility to remove manual 
pages for which such autoguessing fails from your system. See exact 
instructions below.

You need to change Shadow instructions. Instead of the existing sed that 
disables installation of Chinese and Korean manual pages, use the following:

sed -i 's/^\(SUBDIRS =\).*$/\1 de es fr id it pt_BR/' man/Makefile

This suppresses installation of manual pages that cannot be dsplayed 
properly in both traditional and UTF-8 based locales.

In all BLFS packages that install translated manual pages, you have to 
do similar adjustments. List of allowed languages besides English: 
Danish (da), German (de), Spanish (es), Finnish (fi), French (fr), Irish 
(ga), Galician (gl), Indonesian (id), Icelandic (is), Italian (it), 
Dutch (nl), Norwegian (no), Portuguese (pt), Swedish (sv). The manual 
pages should be stored in the ISO-8859-1 encoding on the disk (usually, 
upstream provides them in this encoding by default). If a BLFS package 
installs manual pages in other languages, file a bug against BLFS.

For a way to enable support for more languages of translated manual 
pages, see the man-i18n.txt hint.

The notes about the RedHat-ish 
tarball from the current Man-DB page still apply.
====== cut here ======

Man-DB + Debian-patched groff is clearly only a temporary solution, but 
I won't change anything until Man begins to work.

To Jim:

On IRC, you said that you don't have X on your machines and therefore 
cannot run the testsuite from 
Because of that, I refuse to talk to you about the "man vs man-db" 
subject until you build X and provide some evidence (preferrably, failed 
screenshots from Man built according to instructions in LFS-6.1) that 
you have seen the manifestation of the problem and understand what happens.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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