Man and Groff - Author Feedbacks - UTF-8 Comments

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Fri Jan 20 19:56:59 PST 2006

Werner LEMBERG wrote:

>>I have checked out today's Groff from Savannah CVS. The test results are 
>>2) The relocation stuff segfaults, so I had to disable it by editing 
>Backtrace, please, or give a recipe to repeat it.
Make sure that /opt/groff/bin is in your PATH.

./configure --prefix=/opt/groff
make install
preconv (without parameters)

The backtrace looks useless (corrupted stack?)

If I edit the part of src/libs/libgroff/localcharset.c to read:

printf("Got here\n");
      dir = getenv ("CHARSETALIASDIR");
      if (dir == NULL || dir[0] == '\0')
        dir = relocate (LIBDIR);
printf("Got there\n");

it gets here but not there.

<snip note about hyphenation>

As for the rest:

I agree with the "-k is just not for man pages" argument, and understand 
the Japanese-related position. It's the responsibility of Man 
maintainer, Federico Lucifredi, to act upon this properly (subject of a 
separate post).

Alexander E. Patrakov

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