Santized Kernel Headers

Jim Gifford lfs at
Sat Jan 21 22:38:32 PST 2006

I think we all have come to realization that LLH headers are not coming 
out. So I've been checking into how to make these headers. So I'm asking 
everyone's opinion on this before I pursue this task.

As we all know the gcc has the fixincludes that fixes includes files to 
be more compatible. So dug into this over the last couple of days to 
figure out what it was actually doing. Upon my researching it, find out 
most of it really doesn't do anything except for a single file and 
command. File is fixincl.tpl, and the command was autogen.

Autogen's home page is at

When I was reseaching autogen's home page I came accross this link
Which shows how autogen was being used in fixincludes in gcc.

Now for my questions, my answers are in the ()

Do we really want to pursue our own creating of sanitized headers? 
Do we want to wait for LLH? (Could be a long time)
Do we want use 2.4 headers with patches, like the distro's? (NO!, may 
loose some 2.6 ABI functionality)

I have copied both the LFS-DEV list and Cross-LFS list, this has been a 
topic of some questions both in these lists and in IRC
(yes I know, that's why I'm posting this message)

Look forward to your feedback


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