grub error 21

Matt Darcy lfs-list at
Thu Jan 26 02:44:08 PST 2006

Jahangir wrote:

> Hello Dear
> i have install my distro on hdc2 on exsisting redhat,
> but when configure our new partition's grub it does
> not recogonize dive's partitions.
> proceure is as follow
> we chroot into our new distro 
> run grub
> run root
> at the level when we type root (hd0, it quits good but
> when we press tab it says error 21: selected disk does
> not exists.

check if the devices are populated in /dev in your chroot - or install 
it outside the chroot

Also you mention you built from LFS 5.1 - was this 5.1 running a 2.6 
kernel ? ( a side topic of interest for myself)


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