problems in the boot phase

Jari Kankaala jarik at
Fri Jan 27 01:42:57 PST 2006

> Perhaps run 'ldd' on them to make sure that they aren't linking to
> unavailable libraries...
> --
> JH
> --

OK, did the ldd's and it says:
"not a dynamic executable"
which gotta be good. And yeah, I did check the inittab. Could it be
something in the installation of Sysvinit-2.86 that went wrong? I
might redo the whole installation on one partition and with ext3
instead. Doesn't feel like a problem with the filesystem though,
since the boot process recognizes it. I had to remove the /boot
part from the grub menu.lst file to get it to boot. Don't know if
that's because I have a separte /boot partition.

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