problems in the boot phase

Jari Kankaala jarik at
Fri Jan 27 08:54:01 PST 2006

> - you should have cross-compiled using ARCH=x86_64 and
>   - sounds as if you might have missed that ?
> Ken
> --
Sorry no, I'm positive I didn't miss that. I followed the book to the
letter. The only deviations are the kernel (2.6.15), reiserfs and /boot
on a different partition. It took me two days to come this far because
I've checked everything multiple times. In chapter 7.14.1 GRUB I used

make install
mkdir ${LFS}/boot/grub
cp ${LFS}/usr/lib/grub/x86_64-pc/stage{1,2} ${LFS}/boot/grub

since the part above would install it on the host. But then again grub
works fine. I received no error messages at all during my compiles.
Also I've got elf-support in the kernel and 32-bit emulation. No
modules. It feels like I've done some really basic error but I can't
figure out what. Could the init-script in 7.6.2 contain a subtle error?
The only other thing I've come across on my searchs are that it would
be udev related but I can't see how. I got an extra harddrive so I'll
have another go at it. Thanks for your help anyway.

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