CLFS and VIA eden based board.

Wim Vandamme w.a.vandamme at
Sat Jan 28 07:41:10 PST 2006


This week I tried CLFS (SVN-20060124-x86) for the first time and I have
already a mininal system booting as a result of Chapter 7.
(I will skip chapter 8, because I choose the Boot instead of the Chroot)

BTW, Thank you CLFS team for the great book.

So, I'm ready to start with chapter 9. Before I do, I have some questions.

My target system is VIA Mainboard containing a VIA eden "Samuel 2"
cpu. Therefore I used "i486-pc-linux-gnu" as target triplet to build the cross
tools. (I know I also could use "i586-pc-linux-gnu", but I want to reuse my
work for an old i486 based system)  In the kernel config, I also selected
"C3" as cpu architecture.

When I log into my minimal system for chapter 7, and run a "config.guess"
for a source package, I get: i686-pc-linux-gnu.

I wonder if this is a problem, because the Samuel-2 core will not understand
some instructions, like CMOV, when gcc compiles binaries for i686.
I want my target to be i486 (or i586).

I know that the compiler which is currently installed on my minimal system
is i486 based and will only generate i486 code, but I'm afraid that the gcc
compiler build in chapter 10 (10.8 GCC-4.0.2), will be a compiler generating
i686 code, because config.guess returns: i686-pc-linux-gnu.

Question: Is my thinking correct ... ?

If the answer is yes, what can I do to get an i486 compiler (instead of
an i686 compiler) in Chapter 10.

Thanks ...


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