CLFS and VIA eden based board.

Jim Gifford lfs at
Sat Jan 28 15:13:58 PST 2006

Wim Vandamme wrote:
> My target system is VIA Mainboard containing a VIA eden "Samuel 2"
> cpu. Therefore I used "i486-pc-linux-gnu" as target triplet to build the cross
> tools. (I know I also could use "i586-pc-linux-gnu", but I want to reuse my
> work for an old i486 based system)  In the kernel config, I also selected
> "C3" as cpu architecture.
You would of needed to select 486 in the kernel that's why your getting 
the i686 in the final system. They way you have your system now it will 
compile as a i686, but you maybe able to get around using -march=c3 
-mtune=c3. But my understanding of the c3 it's a i586. So try out the 
options and see what happens.

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