A few nitpicks

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Tue Jan 31 11:08:56 PST 2006

Thomas Pegg wrote:
> 1. It appers that in the final installation of coreutils, the copying of 
> the ln command has been removed, looking at the changelogs it seems to 
> have been accidental. I certainly hope it was not intentional as this 
> will break the bootscripts, especially if use a seperate partition for 
> /usr.

I just mentioned this is the IRC chat room. Also, date and echo are 
missing from /bin as well. Seems this was accidental...I'm correcting it 

> 2. In the popluating /dev section the wrong gid is specified for the 
> mounting of /dev/pts (it's set to 4 when it should be 10).
> Thomas

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