New Dual Opteron system

John Gay johngay at
Tue Jan 31 21:45:24 PST 2006

Well, after much procrastinating, I finally built my first go at a pure 64-bit 
build in a spare partition. It mostly works, with a few niggles RE: kernel 
settings (Still can't seem to get these right every time (-; ) and a whole 
string of udevsend errors, that I see from the list are harmless and expected 
from up-stream ATM.

But I do need to explore hotplug and udev more, since things aren't what they 
seem ATM. When I plug in my USB stick, for example, I get the hotplug event, 
and usb-storage is autoloaded and says it's connecting to sda:sda1, but no 
device shows up there. Most likely a configure prob at my end. But this was 
my first run, so what should I expect.

I also noticed there's a bit of a discussion RE: hotplug and bleeding-edge 
kernels. This is of great interest to me! I'll have to watch this space 
closely and see what kind of testing I can provide and feedback I can give. 
Since this seems to be very much work-in-progress and 
not-ready-for-prime-time, I think I'll hold off on my desktop build until it 
gets closer to prime-time.

Thanks for all your hard work and effort! I'll have to have a good read 
through the rest of the CLFS book. My main goal is to build a pure-64 system, 
including X, nVidia graphics, KDE Desktop and various Multi-media apps, 
including: Mplayer, mjpeg-tools, POV-Ray, Houdini and Maya( Houdini is 
available for testing in 64-bit format, Maya is purchase-only for Linux ATM), 
and various audio editing tools, RoseGarden, Audacity, and the support tools 
of jack.


	John Gay

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