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   <para>The Linux From Scratch Project has seen many changes in the
-  few years of its existance.  I personally became involved with the
+  few years of its existence.  I personally became involved with the
   project in 1999, around the time of the 2.x releases.  At that time,
   the build process was to create static binaries with the host system,
   then chroot and build the final binaries on top of the static ones.</para>
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   class processor.  With the advent of the Athlon 64 and Intel EM64T
   processors, the x86-only LFS is no longer ideal. Throughout this time,
   Ryan Oliver developed and documented a process by which you could
-  build Linux for any system and from any system; by use of
+  build Linux for any system and from any system, by use of
   cross-compilation techniques.  Thus,  the Cross LFS project was born.</para>
   <para>CLFS follows the same guiding principles the LFS project has
   always followed, e.g., knowing your system inside and out by virtue
   of having built the system yourself.  Additionally, during a CLFS
   build, you will learn advanced techniques such as cross-build toolchains,
-  multilib support (32 & 64-bit libraries side-by-side), alternative
+  multilib support (32 & 64-bit libraries side-by-side), alternative
   architectures such as Sparc, MIPS, and Alpha, and much more.</para>
   <para>We hope you enjoy building your own CLFS system, and the benefits

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     terms used in the book, Appendix B has Acknowledgments of people who
     have helped work on the CLFS project and website, and Appendices C
     and D have information about package dependencies and the the
-    build order.</para>
+    build order. Some architectures may have additional appendices for
+    arch-specific issues.</para>

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