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jim at linuxfromscratch.org jim at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Jul 20 16:45:17 PDT 2006

Author: jim
Date: 2006-07-20 17:45:15 -0600 (Thu, 20 Jul 2006)
New Revision: 2056

 r4720 at server (orig r2177):  jciccone | 2006-07-20 13:22:52 -0700
 More LFS to CLFS updates.

Property changes on: 
Name: svk:merge
   - b6734a72-470d-0410-b049-f317dca95413:/:2176
   + b6734a72-470d-0410-b049-f317dca95413:/:2177

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/appendices/dependencies/common.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/appendices/dependencies/common.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/appendices/dependencies/common.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
   in circular dependencies, that is, the first package depends on the second
   which in turn depends on the first. Because of these dependencies, the
   order in which packages are built in CLFS is very important. The purpose
-  of this page is to document the dependencies of each package built in LFS.</para>
+  of this page is to document the dependencies of each package built in CLFS.</para>
   <para>For each package we build, we have listed three types of dependencies.
   The first lists what other packages need to be available in order to compile
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@
           <seg>Binutils, Bison, Bzip2, DejaGNU, Diffutils, Expect, Findutils,
           Flex, GCC, Gettext, Gzip, Libtool and Tar. Can also use several
-          other packages that are not installed in LFS.</seg>
+          other packages that are not installed in CLFS.</seg>

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/bootable/arm/kernel.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/bootable/arm/kernel.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/bootable/arm/kernel.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@
       <para>Some kernel documentation recommends creating a symlink from
       <filename class="symlink">/usr/src/linux</filename> pointing to the
       kernel source directory. This is specific to kernels prior to the
-      2.6 series and <emphasis>must not</emphasis> be created on an LFS
+      2.6 series and <emphasis>must not</emphasis> be created on an CLFS
       system as it can cause problems for packages you may wish to build
       once your base CLFS system is complete.</para>

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/bootable/common/chowning.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/bootable/common/chowning.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/bootable/common/chowning.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
   <para>Make <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem> the owner of the
-  entire lfs system.</para>
+  entire CLFS system.</para>
 <screen><userinput>chown -Rv root:root ${CLFS}</userinput></screen>

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/bootscripts/common/console.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/bootscripts/common/console.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/bootscripts/common/console.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
   language-specific HOWTO's can also help with this (see <ulink
   url="http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/HOWTO-INDEX/other-lang.html"/>. A pre-made
   <filename>/etc/sysconfig/console</filename> file with known settings for
-  several countries was installed with the LFS-Bootscripts package, so the
+  several countries was installed with the CLFS-Bootscripts package, so the
   relevant section can be uncommented if the country is supported. If still
   in doubt, look in the <filename class="directory">/usr/share/kbd</filename>
   directory for valid keymaps and screen fonts. Read

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/bootscripts/common/network.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/bootscripts/common/network.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/bootscripts/common/network.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@
     network script and not brought up.</para>
     <para>The <envar>SERVICE</envar> variable defines the method used for
-    obtaining the IP address. The LFS-Bootscripts package has a modular IP
+    obtaining the IP address. The CLFS-Bootscripts package has a modular IP
     assignment format, and creating additional files in the <filename
     directory allows other IP assignment methods. This is commonly used

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/bootscripts/common/udev.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/bootscripts/common/udev.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/bootscripts/common/udev.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@
     class="directory">/dev</filename> directory are configured according to
     the rules specified in the files within the <filename
     class="directory">/etc/udev/rules.d/</filename> directory. These are
-    numbered in a similar fashion to the LFS-Bootscripts package. If
+    numbered in a similar fashion to the CLFS-Bootscripts package. If
     <command>udev</command> can't find a rule for the device it is creating,
     it will default permissions to <emphasis>660</emphasis> and ownership to
@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@
     the appropriate kernel module to load. With <command>udev</command>,
     this method will not work because the device node does not exist until
     the module is loaded. To solve this, the <command>S05modules</command>
-    bootscript was added to the LFS-Bootscripts package, along with the
+    bootscript was added to the CLFS-Bootscripts package, along with the
     <filename>/etc/sysconfig/modules</filename> file. By adding module
     names to the <filename>modules</filename> file, these modules will be
     loaded when the computer starts up. This allows <command>udev</command>

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-preps/addinguser.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-preps/addinguser.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-preps/addinguser.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@
-      <term><parameter>lfs</parameter></term>
+      <term><parameter>clfs</parameter></term>
         <para>This is the actual name for the created group and user.</para>
@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@
   <para>Grant <systemitem class="username">clfs</systemitem> full access to
   <filename class="directory">$CLFS</filename> by making <systemitem
-  class="username">lfs</systemitem> the directory's owner:</para>
+  class="username">clfs</systemitem> the directory's owner:</para>
 <screen><userinput>chown -Rv clfs $CLFS</userinput></screen>

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/arm/kbd.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/arm/kbd.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/arm/kbd.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -318,7 +318,7 @@
           <para>Puts the keyboard and console in UNICODE mode. Never use it on
-          LFS, because applications are not configured to support UNICODE.</para>
+          CLFS, because applications are not configured to support UNICODE.</para>
           <indexterm zone="ch-system-kbd unicode_start">
             <primary sortas="b-unicode_start">unicode_start</primary>

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/iproute2.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/iproute2.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/iproute2.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@
           <para>This ensures that the IPRoute2 binaries will install into
           <filename class="directory">/sbin</filename>. This is the correct
           location according to the FHS, because some of the IPRoute2 binaries
-          are used by the LFS-Bootscripts package.</para>
+          are used by the CLFS-Bootscripts package.</para>

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/psmisc.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/psmisc.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/psmisc.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
           <filename class="directory">/bin</filename> instead of
           <filename class="directory">/usr/bin</filename>. This is the
           correct location according to the FHS, because some of the Psmisc
-          binaries are used by the LFS-Bootscripts package.</para>
+          binaries are used by the CLFS-Bootscripts package.</para>

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/shadow.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/shadow.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/shadow.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@
       this <command>sed</command> to correct the path to the Cracklib
-<screen role="nodump"><userinput>cp {LFS}/etc/login.defs login.defs.orig
+<screen role="nodump"><userinput>cp ${CLFS}/etc/login.defs login.defs.orig
 sed 's at DICTPATH.*@DICTPATH\t/lib/cracklib/pw_dict@' login.defs.orig > ${CLFS}/etc/login.defs</userinput></screen>

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/sysvinit.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/sysvinit.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/sysvinit.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@
     before doing anything else. This escape sequence switches the console
     character set to a user-defined one, which can be modified by running
     the <command>setfont</command> program. The <command>console</command>
-    initscript from the LFS-Bootscripts package calls the
+    initscript from the CLFS-Bootscripts package calls the
     <command>setfont</command> program during system startup. Sending this
     escape sequence is necessary for people who use non-ISO 8859-1 screen
     fonts, but it does not affect native English speakers.</para>

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/udev.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/udev.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/udev.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@
           <para>Simulates a <command>udev</command> run for the given device,
           and prints out the name of the node the real <command>udev</command>
-          would have created or (not in LFS) the name of the renamed network
+          would have created or (not in CLFS) the name of the renamed network
           <indexterm zone="ch-system-udev udevtest">
             <primary sortas="b-udevtest">udevtest</primary>

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/util-linux.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/util-linux.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/util-linux.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@
     <para os="f">Install the package and move the <command>logger</command> binary
     to <filename class="directory">/bin</filename> as it is needed by the
-    LFS-Bootscripts package:</para>
+    CLFS-Bootscripts package:</para>
 <screen os="g"><userinput>make HAVE_KILL=yes HAVE_SLN=yes \

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/vim.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/vim.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/final-system/common/vim.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@
 <screen os="n"><userinput>ln -sv ../vim/vim&vim-version2;/doc ${CLFS}/usr/share/doc/vim-&vim-version;</userinput></screen>
-    <para os="o">If an X Window System is going to be installed on the LFS
+    <para os="o">If an X Window System is going to be installed on the CLFS
     system, you may want to recompile Vim after installing X. Vim
     comes with a GUI version of the editor that requires X and some
     additional libraries to be installed. For more information, refer to the

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/partitioning/common/creatingfilesystem.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/partitioning/common/creatingfilesystem.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/partitioning/common/creatingfilesystem.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -23,14 +23,14 @@
 <screen os="c"><userinput>mke2fs /dev/<replaceable>[xxx]</replaceable></userinput></screen>
-  <para os="d">Replace <replaceable>[xxx]</replaceable> with the name of the LFS
+  <para os="d">Replace <replaceable>[xxx]</replaceable> with the name of the CLFS
   partition (<filename class="devicefile">hda5</filename> in our previous
   <note os="e">
     <para>Some host distributions use custom features in their filesystem
     creation tools (E2fsprogs). This can cause problems when booting into
-    your new LFS, as those features will not be supported by the LFS-installed
+    your new CLFS, as those features will not be supported by the LFS-installed
     E2fsprogs; you will get an error similar to <computeroutput>unsupported
     filesystem features, upgrade your e2fsprogs</computeroutput>. To check
     if your host system uses custom enhancements, run the following

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/partitioning/common/mounting.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/partitioning/common/mounting.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/partitioning/common/mounting.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
   class="directory">/mnt/clfs</filename>, but the directory choice is up
   to you.</para>
-  <para>Choose a mount point and assign it to the <envar>LFS</envar>
+  <para>Choose a mount point and assign it to the <envar>CLFS</envar>
   environment variable by running:</para>
 <screen><userinput>export CLFS=/mnt/clfs</userinput></screen>

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/prologue/common/errata.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/prologue/common/errata.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/prologue/common/errata.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -12,11 +12,11 @@
   <para>The software used to create a CLFS system is constantly being
   updated and enhanced. Security warnings and bug fixes may become
-  available after the LFS book has been released. To check whether the
+  available after the CLFS book has been released. To check whether the
   package versions or instructions in this release of CLFS need any
   modifications to accommodate security vulnerabilities or other bug fixes,
   please visit <ulink url="&errata;"/> before proceeding with your build.
   You should note any changes shown and apply them to the relevant section
-  of the book as you progress with building the LFS system.</para>
+  of the book as you progress with building the CLFS system.</para>

Modified: branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/prologue/common/typography.xml
--- branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/prologue/common/typography.xml	2006-07-20 19:46:46 UTC (rev 2055)
+++ branches/clfs-2.0/BOOK/prologue/common/typography.xml	2006-07-20 23:45:15 UTC (rev 2056)
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@
   <para><ulink url="&clfs-root;"/></para>
-  <para>This format is used for hyperlinks, both within the LFS
+  <para>This format is used for hyperlinks, both within the CLFS
   community and to external pages. It includes HOWTOs, download locations,
   and websites.</para>
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@
   <para>This format is used to refer to a specific manual page (hereinafter
   referred to simply as a <quote>man</quote> page). The number inside
   parentheses indicates a specific section inside of <command>man</command>.
-  For example, <command>passwd</command> has two man pages. Per LFS
+  For example, <command>passwd</command> has two man pages. Per CLFS
   installation instructions, those two man pages will be located at
   <filename>/usr/share/man/man1/passwd.1</filename> and
   <filename>/usr/share/man/man5/passwd.5</filename>. Both man pages have

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