CLFS 2.0

Jeremy Utley jerutley at
Sun Jul 23 13:16:40 PDT 2006

<rant mode="on">

I'm beginning to wonder what's going on.  It's been stated since the
CLFS 2.0 branch started being rendered that it's nowhere NEAR ready
for usage.  But, yet, over the last few days we've seen the CLFS lists
and ticket system flooded with bug reports for CLFS 2.0.  What's
worse, none of those bug reports have any solution suggestions, and
anyone who's using CLFS 2.0 right now should really be able to create
patches to the book and submit them!

If those of you who are testing are *REALLY* interested in helping
out, PLEASE help us by testing the 1.0.0rc releases, so we can get
that out the door!  Don't make our work harder on us by submitting
tickets on a experimental branch that diverts attention from what we
need to do - get 1.0.0 out the door!

<rant mode="off">


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