Thomas Pegg thomasp at
Fri Jun 2 15:07:21 PDT 2006

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> Hello,
> as you probably know, the x86_64 CD is unmaintained, and there were even 
> "don't use, it's broken" notes in IRC logs (that I can't confirm or 
> disprove due to lack of hardware). Since I cannot maintain this myself, 
> I propose to invite Matt Darcy to the LiveCD team as a developer from 
> CLFS (we already discussed this on IRC with Matt, the only issue to 
> solve is with SVN permissions, but AFAIK that's Archaic's territory).

Good idea, it needs some help. But saying it is unmaintained is a bit of 
a stretch. The message I sent to the livecd list was a message to state 
that I would be unable to work on it for a while, it was never to meant 
to say, this is unmaintained now. I'm about another month or so away 
from having x86_64 hardware back.

As far as brokenness, I would some don't know what there saying the cd 
is not broken, it does lack support for things mainly in the hardware 
area. I did try to use the existing kernel config in x86 once for the 
x86_64 kernel config. But I did manage to refine it and narrow it down 
to some crappy SCSI drivers, and that config is currently in SVN but no 
ISO has been made with that yet. Most of what stalled my progress was 
lack of time, which I now have more of.
> The suggested change:
>  * Since CLFS and LFS LiveCDs are too different, Matt should primarily 
> work in a branch, not in trunk. The branch that reflects the state of 
> the repository before removal of the unmaintained CLFS instructions is at:
> svn://

>  * This branch will not be merged to trunk (because it is based on a 
> completely different book), but useful fixes can be easily ported
Good also.


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