Package Freeze in effect - 4 Weeks to Release

Jim Gifford clfs at
Fri Jun 16 12:31:37 PDT 2006

Package freeze is now in effect.
   Any other packages need updating need to be justified, unless
    it's a bug fix.

    Packages excluded from the freeze are Binutils, Bootscripts, Headers,
    Linux, and Udev Rules. (If the new packages become available soon)
          Binutils 2.17 and Linux 2.6.17 are our targets for this release,
         If Linux 2.6.17 doesn't get released soon, we will keep 2.6.16 in.
    I have added another 2 weeks to get the text updated properly, we
    need to make sure the book flows well.
   We will also need to create a working branch for the current 1.0
    so that we can keep the trunk up to date with all the updates to 
make 1.1
    a quicker release.
     We need to have a discussion on where people should pull
     there gcc information from, because every architecture is going to be
     different and very hard     to maintain. Any suggestions here.

    SVN Changes.
    I'm also going to move Ryan's scripts into a separate repo. But I 
would also
    like to move the various scripts that all of use have created into 
this new repo
    as well. I know Joe and I have such a build system. I will talk with 
    about getting this setup.

    Release Manager.
    Anyone want to be the release manager for 1.0?

    Test Builds
     I would like to see a test build done from each of the devs on the 
architectures they
    can support. Along with testsuite information that we can post into 
a archive. I think
    the biggest testsuites we need to keep are Binutils, GCC, GLIBC, and 

   Any objections or comments, let's keep it in this thread.

    Jim Gifford - clfs at

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