Base system built, now next steps?

John Gay johngay at
Tue Mar 7 00:06:00 PST 2006

Well, after a few fights with udev, I've got my base CLFS system running, with 
lynx and gpm added to simplify the remaining stages, building from BLFS-6.1
Here's my setup.
Dual Opteron with 2G RAM, nVidia graphics. Currently building within a 3.6G 
partition on hda4. Built CLFS-SVN-20060223 x86_64-Pure64 build.

1) Build and configure dhcp client for connectivity with my network. Don't 
forsee any problems here. Should be straight forward enough.

2) Build I've heard mention here that X wants to put 64-bit stuff 
into /lib64 instead of /lib. Any tips or suggestions for wrestling X into 
shape appreciated. Would it be sacrilegious to just copy the stuff 
from /lib64 to /lib, or is there hardwired things to watch out for?

3) Install nVidia's 64bit driver and configure X to use it. I think nVidia 
uses /lib64 as well, but since it's pre-compiled, I don't have much option 
than either copy the stuff from /lib64 to /lib or create /lib64 if there's 
anything hardwired into the nVidia code.

4) Build full KDE Desktop. Not sure how well behaved this is in a pure64 
environment. Anyone with experience care to shed some light here?

This is still the trial-run. I've a 10G IDE hard drive and a 160G SATA drive. 
ATM, my regular system resides on a 1G / and a 4.5G /usr with a 
seperate /home partition. Once I've got the plan in place and an idea of the 
gotchas to watchout for I'll start the real build. 

Thanks for all the help and hard work. I see that CLFS is advancing almost 
daily with a new book version almost every week now.


	John Gay

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